Sedation Dentistry

Relax Charlotte – We Have Sedation Dentistry

Limitless Comfort for You and Your Smile

Lots of people feel nervous about going to the dentist. Some patients are apprehensive due to a difficult dental experience as a child. We’ve also treated patients whose sensitive gag reflex made dental work problematic. Many people are worried about being judged for their lack of dental care, while others have difficulty feeling the full effects of numbing agents such as novicaine, etc.

Whatever the reason you feel nervous at the dentist, we have a sedation solution to fit your needs!

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a safe, comfortable way to ease anxiety and let you get necessary dental work done. We will prescribe a prescription relaxant to take before your appointment so you arrive sleepy, and comfortable. Though completely relaxed, you will be awake enough to respond to the doctor. (Just make sure you have someone to drive you home.) Another benefit of sedation dentistry is that it reduces your body’s natural tendency to tense muscles while stressed, and that makes even novocaine work better. No anxiety – no pain!

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is one of our most convenient and safe sedation methods. It can even be used to calm frightened children and take the trauma out of dentistry for any age. Nitrous oxide produces a slightly euphoric feeling of relaxation and well being. Once your treatment has ended, we will administer some oxygen and the effects are quickly reversed. No need for a driver or missing work or school.

The Wand

Patients love this incredible little piece of technology. Why? The Wand is a special way to administer novocaine – without the pain normally associated with injections.


Another one of the ways we show our patients we care, is by utilizing Oraverse to help shorten the effects of novocaine. In other words, Oraverse will reverse those unpleasant side effects of numbness like drooling or droopy-face so you can go back to work or eat without embarrassment.

We cater to anxious patients! If you have been avoiding the dentist, call us to learn more today.