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You deserve a healthy, beautiful smile you can rely on to enjoy your favorite foods and speak with clarity. At Capstone Dental, Dr. Stephen Yang proudly offers comprehensive dentistry services to meet every patient’s dental needs. 

Our caring dentist in Charlotte can help you enhance your smile’s image or repair a cracked tooth to get your oral health back on track. Discover why our patients in Mint Hill, Matthews, and Mount Holly, NC trust their smiles to Dr. Yang. 

General & Preventive Dentistry

Our general and preventive dentistry services protect your teeth and gums from harmful bacteria while providing early treatment for potentially serious oral health risks. These treatments will keep your smile feeling and looking its best while preventing the need for costly procedures down the road. Our general and preventive treatments include:

Restorative Dentistry

Decayed, damaged, and missing teeth can impact your daily life. Our restorative dentistry services can repair and replace these teeth to complete your smile and improve your oral health. Our Charlotte dentist features implant dentistry and other restorative treatments like:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry services are ideal for patients looking to enhance the appearance of their teeth. Whether you want to conceal a chipped tooth or brighten the shade of your smile, our cosmetic dentist in Charlotte has convenient solutions. Our cosmetic dental treatments include:

Orthodonticsdentist showing patient X-rays of teeth

Our orthodontic solutions can help resolve misaligned, crooked, and misshapen teeth for patients of all ages. Regardless of the severity of your orthodontic issues, our team can find the best orthodontic treatment for you. Our orthodontic appliances include:

Frequently Asked Questions

To have a healthy smile you can rely on, we recommend you visit the dentist once every six months or twice a year. During these biannual appointments, your dentist will evaluate your teeth for underlying health issues like cavities, gum disease, and oral pathologies. 

They’ll also clean your teeth with special dental tools to remove plaque and tartar that are too strong for a toothbrush alone. Regular dental visits are one of the best ways to keep your smile looking and feeling its best for years to come.

Maintaining pristine oral health is as simple as practicing at-home oral hygiene and visiting your dentist twice a year for checkups. Daily flossing and twice daily brushing help eliminate lingering unhealthy bacteria, and regular dental visits are crucial to early detection and diagnosis of oral health conditions that may pose a threat to your smile.  

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your smile, ask your dentist about cosmetic dental services. These treatments can resolve minor cosmetic flaws like chips, cracks, and stains on your teeth. Consult your dentist to learn if porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental contouring, or similar procedures can help you achieve your smile goals. 

Tooth loss can make simple tasks like chewing and speaking a challenge. Fortunately, several restorative dental treatments replace missing teeth, such as dental bridges, implants, and dentures. Each has unique benefits, so it’s ideal to ask your dentist which tooth loss solution best suits your oral health needs. 

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At Capstone Dental, our affordable dentists in Charlotte, NC, are here for all your dental needs. Whether you need a tooth rejuvenated, restored, or repaired, Dr. Yang and our team have the skills and tools to leave your smile fresh and ready for anything. 

To schedule a consultation, call our office at 980-202-5696 or fill out our contact form to book an appointment online or request more information. We look forward to servicing you with the best dental care possible!

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